Practice Areas:

Sutter Maritime, LLC, is a full service admiralty and maritime law firm. Mr. Sutter has handled a wide variety of cases that involved disputes arising under admiralty and maritime law. Examples of cases handled over the years include:

  • Jones Act Seamen injured in the service of a vessel, incl. Maintenance and Cure.
    Seamen's wage claims.
    Passenger claims against cruise lines for negligence.
    Suits in Admiralty and Public Vessels Act (U.S. as Defendant)
    Longshoremen injured by a third party - typically while working on a defective vessel loading or unloading cargo. (Known as 905(b) cases)
    Wrongful Death inshore or offshore.
    Cargo loss and damage cases, ship, rail or truck. (COGSA and Carmack)
    Vessel collisions and allisions.
    Marina negligence, including fires and negligent security.
    Vessel arrest to enforce maritime liens. (unpaid repairs most common).
    Subrogation (related to several of the other topics here).
    Limitation of Liability.
    Charter Disputes.
    Tug and Tow Liability.
    Vessel Warranty.
    Vessel Title issues, Documentation and Mortgages.
    Vessel Purchase Contract Negotiation and Closing, including Escrow Services.
    Appeals in Civil Matters, whether or not Maritime.
    Anything happening on or around the water.

Trial Court Cases:
The majority of personal injury claims are filed in State Court and are heard by a Jury. The majority of other maritime cases are filed in Federal District Court and are tried before a Judge (No Jury). Personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. If no recovery is made, no fees or costs are charged to the client.

Appeals: Most of my appellate work is on referral from other attorneys. Appellate fees are usually flat fee and generally lower than might be expected; the costs vary by the size of the record. With modern electronic submission of briefs in most courts, there are few other costs beyond those charged by the clerk of court, and occasionally hotel and rental cars. I do not charge travel time for appeals that may be argued in other districts. I welcome your call to discuss any case in which you anticipate an appeal. Ideally, please call before argument and rendition of an Order to review those matters that may help preserve your issues.

General: I believe I work well with clients as well as with other attorneys, and I am pleased to associate with attorneys to advise on those portions of their cases that are maritime in nature. I try to work out a fee arrangement with clients that is best for those clients.

Please call to discuss your case or for an appointment. (904) 429-4334